V.A. - Alameda Records Presents CALIFORNIA LOVE vol.1

販売価格 2,000円(税込)

・フォーマット: CD / ジュエルケース

・コンデション: S / S



1. Polyester The Saint ft. G Perico - SUMMA THANG
2. Mike Darole ft. YG & Ray J - WORK IT (Remix)
3. Leianna Kai ft. Hi-Tone - KISS ME HIGH (Remix)
4. Zeek UC ft. Looce - CALI LOVE
5. PeeZee ft. Glasses Malone & Slick Dogg - CITY OF ANGELS
6. Adt Tha T3am - SUMMER TIME
7. Daniel Peter ft. AD - ON YOU
8. Evenodds ft. HBK Rossi & Yung Lott - WAY MO' FUN
9. The Classmatez ft. Sabrina Claudio & Elhae - NO TITLES
10. C.O.S.A. ft. Bo-Roc - SO WEST COAST
11. Devan Rae - LOVE COME DOWN
13. True Knocks ft. Mickey Shiloh - FANTASY
14. Shade Sheist ft. Sergio Selim - STILL ALIVE IN L.A.
15. Analise x HitEmUp - LOVE AWAY
Bonus Track
16. The Dove Shack - GANGSTA LOVE (Shibuya G-Funk Remix)

■Polyester The Saint
instaglam: @poly3st3r
My song summer thang was sent to all my Fans in Japan to have fun and never let that G funk die .. enjoy Japan can't wait to see You and thanks to Alameda record store for all the support

■Mike Darole
instaglam: @mikedarole
JAPAN!!! I'm coming out there soon! Want to say your support is appreciated! A lot of more new music is on the way! Huge shout out to Alameda Records for also supporting good west coast music! HELLO🤘🏼💯

■Leianna Kai
instaglam: @missleianna
A huge shoutout to all of the amazing fans in Japan. Thank you all so much for supporting my Kiss me high record. None of it would have been possible without my team, Boitheproducer and IamBillyDee for his songwriting skills. I am so blessed and I can't wait to see you all in Japan very soon! We love you!
Love,Leianna Kai

■Zeek UC
instaglam: @zeekuc
I am grateful for the people of Japan who have a love for Westcoast Rap/Hip Hop. Thank you for bumping my sounds all the way from Cali to Japan. I will be out there soon. Peace and blessings to you all. One love :)

instaglam: @peezee_thedirector
Wes Wes ya'll Japan!!! It's humbling to see that people, from across the Pacific, vibe to what we create here with this G Funk sound! The same sound that had us wanting to be artists & musicians in the 1st place 25 years ago! Long live those vibrations... truly inspiring. - PeeZee

■Adt Tha T3am
instaglam: @adt_tha_t3am
Thanks for grabbing that CA LOVE Vol.1 compilation huge shoutout to Alameda Records for giving y'all a taste of what southern Cali got! SOUTH EAST SAN DIEGO to be exact
Look out for new music soon

■Daniel Peter
instaglam: @iamdanielpeter
"Thank you Japan for showing love to the music! I can't wait to come visit and show some love back. I’m super excited for “California Love Compilation Vol. 1”
Blessings to everyone in Japan and Alameda Records for their support! 🙏🏼”

instaglam: @evenoddsmusic
Shout out to everyone who has supported EVENODDS through out the years! Forever Love!

■Frankie Zombie of The Classmatez
instaglam: @frankie.zombie_
On Behalf of The Classmatez we wanna give a major Shout out to Alameda Records for including us in the California love Compilation Vol 1., and also major love to Japan for rocking with our vibes and accepting our feel good music into their lives. Peace,Love, and continuous blessings to all! -The Classmatez

instaglam: @ch1nen_da_loc
Big shoutout to Alameda Records and to the fans of Japan go get that CALIFORNIA LOVE COMPILATION Vol.1!Much Love to Alameda Records on the support for west coast music and artists! Shows coming soon!

■Devan Rae
instaglam: @devanraee
Hello, Devan Rae coming to you from the Bay Area, CA, I am truly blessed for the people in Japan for how much love they show for r&b, soul, hip-hop music! Huge shoutout and thanks to Alameda Records for putting together California Love Compilation!! Vol. 1 go cop that & show some support. One love! Devan Rae #blessedup

instaglam: @kustamusic
Japan! Big shout out to ya'll! Especially Alameda Records! I'm thankful for the support all the way across the Pacific. You don't know how much this means to me. Thank you for the continuous support, and let's keep the funk alive! Westcoast!

■True Knocks
instaglam: @itsrobertture
I want to thank all the fans in Japan who love my music and support me. It means the world to me. You could listen to anyone in the world but chose to spend time with me. And last but not least THANK YOU to Alameda Records! I'm blessed to be a part of CALIFORNIA LOVE COMPILATION Vol.1. Thank you again for the support!

■Shade Sheist
instaglam: @shadesheist
Much love to all my West Coast supporters in Japan and everyone down with Alameda Records as well. I can't wait until I return to see you all but until then.. G-Funk Is Forever.

instaglam: @analiseofficial
Hey this is Analise from San Francisco CA! I hope you enjoy my song " Love Away " ! You can follow me on instagram @analiseofficial or check out my SoundCloud - Analisemusic ! My website is Analisemusic.com Thanks for the love Japan!


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