V.A. - Forever Wright

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・フォーマット: CD-R / ジュエルケース

・コンデション: S / S


Los Angeles, CA.

1. God Father of Gangsta Rap feat. Eazy-E3, Loesta & Knowledge
2. Low Riderz feat. B.G. Knock Out
3. Hood Party G-Mix feat. Kokane, Big 2Da Boy, Eazy-E3, Loesta, Big Doty, Tiny Kurupt, Gwap Don Dolla Sign, Ric Hard, Big Fase 100, Sylk E Fyne, Babee Loc, Yung Eazy & J-Loco
4. Ten 40'z feat. Eazy-E3, J-Loco & Just
5. The West feat. Eazy-E3, B.G. Knocc Out, Faided, Yvette Thomas & Pac Mob
6. Pope it Off feat. Eazy-E3, Marco, Loesta & Shadee Doe
7. Avoiding you all feat. Big 2Da Boy & Loesta
8. West Side feat. B.G. Knocc Out & Kurupt
9. 64 Ragtop feat. Eazy-E3, Big 2Da Boy & Loesta
10. Gonna Miss Me feat. Jeson Ellis


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