V.A. - New Flava Volume One

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UK 90's R&B隠れた名作!

A1. Tyrone Henry - Time For You and Me
A2. Marissa Anglin & Charlene Reid - I Just Wanna Thank You
A3. John Gibbons - Turn It Inside Out
B4. Janine Cross - That's What I Believe
B5. Raymond Dyer - Come Inside and Look
B6. Samantha Edwards - My Reason For Life
C7. Jasmine Kirby - Heaven Is My Home
C8. Tyrone Henry - Curious
C9. Charlene Reid - Spirit In My Life
D10. John Gibbons & Marissa Anglin - Are You In The Light
D11. Stella - Love So Unconditional
D12. Tyrone Henry - Do You Really Know
D13. Gillian Nembhard - Lord We Honour Your Name


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